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Coltari Blade Runner Alpin • Cassin

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The Blade Runner represents a new era in technical ice crampons.

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Greutate1130/1145 g
MaterialOtel Chromoly
Tip Prindere ColtariSemiautomat

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The Blade Runner represents a new era in technical ice crampons. A wealth of innovative features combine to create a crampon that conforms to the ergonomics of modern boots increases rigidity along the entire length of the crampon without decreasing dexterity or compromising fit adapts to alpine conditions with a variety of front points and toe bail configurations and naturally reduces balling with its inverted V-shaped front platform. The patented heel slide integrates the linking bar with the heel piece for better torsional rigidity. This allows the Blade Runner to offer the best of both worlds by combining the power and stability of vertical frame crampons with the precision and ease of adjustment of horizontal frame designs. The entire heel slide is constructed from proprietary Sandvik Nanoflex® steel: an amazingly strong and tough stainless steel that allows for a reduction in the thickness of the frame from 2.75 mm to 1.8 mm thereby reducing weight while simultaneously increasing strength and providing the right amount of longitudinal flexibility for a precise fit on modern boots with more extreme rocker. The front platform is constructed from traditional chromoly steel alloy to absorb impact energy and maintain solid rigidity under foot. The elimination of connection joints leaves little room for play and reduces much of the flex that can make crampons seem less secure on technical terrain.The sophisticated geometry of the front points interact with the secondary points on the main frame for easy penetration and superior hold even in the most fickle conditions. Switching the front points between dual and mono centered or offset is made easy with the hook and notch system on the rear contact point. The optional snow points convert the Blade Runner into all mountain machines with their beveled design and precise shape and spacing that maximizes purchase in ice and hard snow. Optional semi-automatic toe bails also allow the Blade Runner to be used on boots without rigid toe lugs – a great feature for alpine climbing where the bulky toe lug reduces sensitivity and performance on rock. Technical detail : • The most versatile technical ice crampons on the market • Patented heel slide design integrates the benefits of vertical and horizontal frame crampon designs • Interchangeable front points are easy to switch from dual to mono centered or offset • Optional snow points optimize the crampons for alpine terrain • V-shaped chromoly steel front platform offers high rigidity and reduces balling • The patented heel slide is constructed from proprietary Sandvik Nanoflex® steel for the optimal blend of strength flex and lightweight • Asymmetric design follows the contours of modern boots to ensure a more precise fit • Semi-automatic toe bails allow for use on boots without rigid toe lugs • Anti-balling plates included • Available in two sizes for optimal boot fit compatibility


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Coltari Blade Runner Alpin • Cassin

Coltari Blade Runner Alpin • Cassin

The Blade Runner represents a new era in technical ice crampons.

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